Special Features
 Raw Mterial Purchase  
Carpet Repairing & Rewashing.
issue\Reciept from Opener\Dyer\Spinnar
Stock With Multi Godown.
Weaver Job Card Creation
Packing Slip & List Export Invoice
Weaver GR/Consumption Slip
Buyer Order
materil Recieved From Weaver
Map Stock Management
 Weaver Billing\Credit Advice  
Loom Wise Stock.
Carpet Purchase\Approval Reciept
Carpet Flow Analysis.
Carpet Processing System.
Card Status/Carpet Status at Anytime.
Auto Bill Generation For Process Repairing
Advance Features  Accounting Modules


Raw Material Register

Voucher Entries


Production Progress report.



General Ledger.



Quality/Design/Colour/Size Wise Carpet Stock.



Cash Book.



Carpet Trail Balance.

Bank Book.


Carpet Costing Balance.



Journal Book.



Material With Dyer/Opener/Viewer



Trail Balance.



Raw Material Trail Balance.



Trading/P&L/Balance Sheet.