About us

Unique Info systems is a software development company established in 2009 with the goal to provide small and medium sized companies as well as with easy-to-use high quality business software applications. Our mission is to support starting and developing ventures by delivering affordable and effective software tools to run and control the operation.
We are proud of providing this value nationwide. It is no question, where you are from and your business like. You will be able to integrate our software easily into your daily business. Our products will help you to build business intelligence: you will be organized and up to date in all details and numbers to run your business safely and profitably.
Our roots are dating back to the 90 s. Our products are results development experience. They are proven by over 1,800 customers in almost all the cities of Rajasthan, Gujrat, MP, UP, Harayana, Punjab and Maharastra etc. Our company is backed by a strong and experienced development team located in Jaipur.

Making It Easier to Understand Unique Infosys Products and Solutions

An important focus at Unique Infosys is simplifying our business for our customers. The work that has gone into achieving new levels of integration and unity across our broad range of products and solutions has produced great value for our customers. Another place we are driving this unification is in the naming of our products. You will see that we are changing many of our product names to reflect clearer descriptions of their functions and a consistent naming structure. This more intuitive strategy aims to help you quickly understand and discuss the solutions that best address your needs..
Please take a moment to note new names as they roll through our marketing materials, product documentation, and support systems and the older names are transitioned out.
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Unique Indosys products offer ready-to-use, highly valuable solutions in the areas of:

  • Accounting, Inventory, Accounts Receivable & Payable, Production, Budgeting, VAT & GST Taxes etc
  • Retail – POS, Promo Schemes, Customer Loyalty Programs etc
  • Payroll
  • Fixed Assets
  • Distribution – Pharma/FMCG/General Stockists & Distributors
  • Sales & Distribution Business Intelligence
  • Automobile Dealers & Service Workshops
  • Restaurants
  • Multi-Branch Consolidation
  • SME Hostpitals
  • Schools/Collages
  • Movie/Film Distribution